Olens India jenith 3 Natrual grey Lenses Review

Hey my lovelies,

Hope you all doing well.So eyes are the door to ones soul they say,and i totally agree,i love colored eyes and since i do  not have that i use lenses to have a feel of having colored eyes. I have been recently obsessed with a brand called Olens.I have been totally loving them if you follow me in my in Instagram you will know how much i have been loving them.

Olens is  a  a South Korean brand  and its is huge in Asia and Europe,recently they have launched their lenses in inda,they have stunning colors which can be also customised according to your power requirements.

My Experience:

I have been using this lens over a week now and i must say its one of the most comfortable lenses i have ever used.The one i have been using is called jenith 3 lens in Natural grey ,i have been always fascinated by grey eyes hence i choose the color. The lens comes in a pink box along with the information listed on the back of the packaging.It comes in a blister pack with the lenses and a plastic case along with it.It also comes with few tips as to how to use it and the different color options available.


When i first put on the lenses they where quite easy to use and it did not irritate my eyes ,i have used contact lenses before and some of them have actually irritated and dried my eyes,but Olens did not do any of that.I wore these lenses for more than 8-9 hours and d they where still very comfortable and easy to remove.I clean the lenses every night very well and the next day they are again good to use.They come in many colors and they have excellent customer service.

I have been really enjoying these lenses and would be definitely trying out others colors from them,i have been wearing them non-stop and have been totally loving them and i would recommend it if you are looking for a comfortable pair of lenses with variety of color to choose from.

Have you guys used contact lenses?which one is your favourite?

*pr sample


  1. The other day I was searching for eye lenses. Thanks for sharing this. The grey ones look very pretty on you. :)

    1. do try them...its amazing :)and thankyou so much :)

  2. These lenses look great on you :) you look super gorgeous in that stunning red lipstick :)


  3. These are looking great on you..loved the makeup look your are wearing :)

  4. Wow. These lenses look gorgeous. They are opening up your eyes amazingly.

  5. You look gorgeous dear with Jenith lenses :) So happy that you love the lenses :) Keep rocking! Thanks! -OLENS

    1. i love them olens ....thankyou so much :)

  6. You look stunning sporting those grey eyes! Lovely review :)

  7. Wow diya it's looking so pretty on u!!!

  8. Lense look very nice on you..


  9. This color is looking so beautiful on you. Love the combination of red lips and grey eyes.


  10. Wow.. it looks lovely on you. You look so beautiful..


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