Ponds white beauty pearl cleansing gel face-wash Review/swatches

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying the cozy winters,because I certainly am.I love winters!!!so Today iam going to review the Ponds white beauty pearl cleansing gel  face-wash .I certainly bought this product because of the beautiful pink see through girly packaging(sucker for cute packaging ).So please keep reading to know how this fared for me.

Product claims:
  • Infused with Pearl Essence – known to give glowing, fair skin
  • Oxy gel formula – refreshes and cleanses, removing dirt and excess oil from deep down, leaves skin so soft.

Price-165 for 100 gms


My Experience :

Ponds white beauty pearl cleansing gel  face-wash comes in a pink transparent tube with a flip cap,the beads inside the tube can be seen which makes the tube very attractive.The face wash comes in a gel based formula which is clear and does not have any pink colour in it .It has quite thick consistency and has slightly a sweet fragrance to it which I like.

I usually use a pea size amount of this face wash and apply it to my wet face,this does not lather much but cleanses the skin quite well.It does the job of removing dirt and make-up from your face and leaves your skin feeling clean.My skin does not feel dry or stretchy after washing my face with this,there is a subtle glow after washing my face with this face wash,but the glow does not stay for long.

Overall its a good face wash for normal to combination skin types,it cleanses the skin really well and gives a smooth effect to the skin.It does brighten up your face but the effects are quite temporary,and you can use this if you want a regular face wash which does not dry you skin out.


  • Beautiful and very girly packaging
  • Makes the skin feel very soft and smooth
  • Cleanses the skin quite well
  • Gives an instant glow to the skin
  • Affordable
  • Easy available

  • The glow does not last long
  • Contains SLS

Have you tried the Ponds white beauty pearl cleansing gel  face-wash??


  1. Haven't tried ponds face washes yet but yes the packaging is truly girlie!!!

  2. Sounds great- good review, doll!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Packaging is really pretty, haven't tried this yet. Ponds facewash generally fare well with me,I might try this :)

    Sugar Twist And Shout Fadeproof Kajal | Curious And Confused Me

  4. I found it average product..It stings in my eyes badly

  5. It is an average product... Cleanses face quite well, but does nothing more than the cleansing and is overpriced....


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