Palmer's Cocoa butter formula with vitamin e body lotion -Review

Hey my lovelies,

Hope you all doing great,its been quite sometime since i last blogged and i have been missing writing and blogging a lot.Summers are here in full swing,and i have been hating it to the core,makes me feel tired and sweaty all the time,iam a winter baby and i hate summers and its been very very hot here,now that iam done with my rant,lets get on with today's post.Today iam going to review the Palmer's Cocoa butter formula with vitamin e body lotion.

Iam always on the look out for good body lotions and if i find any with amazing scent iam sold.I love the smell of chocolates and that is how this body lotion smells ,fresh cocoa .Its smells so good and so chocolatey that whenever i use this people ask me did you just bathe in chocolate,lol

Product claims:

Cocoa butter enriched with vitamin E in a soothing emollient base. Helps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars. Tones skin. An excellent all over the body moisturiser and after tanning butter. Widely recommended for stretch marks. Use daily for soft and youthful appearance

Price: Rs 545 for 400 ml

My experience:

The product comes in a white bottle with a pump dispenser ,which avoids product wastage and its hygienic. The product is pale yellow in color and the texture is very light and spreads on very easily on to the skin.It keeps your skin moisturised for a very long time and iam in love with the scent of this ,it smells exactly like fresh cocoa .The fragrance stays  on for quite a long time and is very strong.People who are sensitive  to strong fragrances might not like it,but iam an absolute fan of chocolate scented products. Iam not sure about how it works on stretch marks  as i do not have any  Stretch marks on my body.

The staying power is quite amazing because once i apply it in the morning my skin still feels moisturised when i come back at night,so there is no need for re application and it does not make my skin greasy at all. Iam totally impressed with this body lotion  and would totally recommend this to everyone out there who loves chocolate and of course a good moisturising lotion that lasts all day.



  • Smells so good and chocolatey
  • The texture is light and non greasy
  • Packaging is hygienic as it comes with a pump
  • Moisturises the skin very well
  • Has cocoa and vitamin e
  • Skin feels moisturised for very long time
  • Paraben and phthalate free
  • Easily available

  • Fragrance might be too strong for some

Have you used the Palmer's Cocoa butter formula with vitamin e body lotion?


  1. Looks like a great lotion :)

  2. Palmers products are great. Nice review!


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