Garnier Ultra Blends Henna and Blackberry nourishing shine shampoo and conditioner Review/price


Hey everyone,

Hope you all are doing well,Today iam going to review my latest obsession in hair care, its the newly launched Garnier Ultra Blends Henna and Blackberry nourishing shine shampoo and conditioner.Though they have many variants i picked up this one because my hair has become very dry and frizzy these days,and iam glad i picked this one up and i cant wait to try out the other variants.

Price-Rs 175 rs for 120 ml

Product description-shampoo

It helps in reviving the hair with blends of natural extracts. It contains precious natural ingredients finely selected for their known efficacy on hair. It is blended with Henna and Blackberry which nourishes the hair and gives incredible shine.

Price-Rs 170 rs for 175 ml

Product description- conditioner

If your hair is dull and lacks shine it may be lacking nourishment. Our formula is a blend with henna and blackberry. It not only nourishes your hair but also gives incredible shine. Discover hair that is nourished, vibrant and shiny with every wash

My Experience with  the Garnier Ultra Blends Henna and Blackberry nourishing shine shampoo and conditioner.


Few days back i saw the launch of this range  in the social media and was blown by how beautiful it looked,from the arrangements to the set to the packaging of the products.I wanted to get my hands on the product then and there. I absolutely loved the packaging and the colour of this product,it comes in a beautiful translucent dark  purple coloured  plastic bottle with a flip open golden cap.

The packaging is very travel friendly and lightweight.It has a very pleasant and soothing scent of henna mixed with berries.The shampoo is  purple  in colour and has a gel based texture to it and dilutes very well and lathers up quite well when mixed with water.The shampoo cleans  my scalp and leaves a very clean feeling to my hair and scalp and does not dry out my hair like most of the shampoos do.

I usually oil my hair before using any shampoo and follow it with a conditioner because my hair is quite frizzy and dry these days,but with this shampoo i skipped the conditioner for the first time and to my surprise it did not dry out my hair at all.My hair was quite smooth and silky,it also gave a nice healthy shine to my hair which i loved. Iam quite impressed with the shampoo as it does what it claims,ie transforming dull,lifeless hair to shiny bouncy hair.


This is a paraben free shampoo and has the goodness of henna and blackberry which is really good for the hair.Overall its a great shampoo and does what it claims,it makes my hair shiny and bouncy,and iam really impressed with it.I would highly recommend this shampoo to everyone.


  • Does what it claims leaves the hair shiny and bouncy
  • Packaging is beautiful
  • Affordable
  • Paraben free
  • Cleans the hair and scalp without drying
  • Has the goodness of henna and BlackBerry
  • Easily available
  • Without using a conditioner hair looks smooth and manageable
  • Contains SLS(so does most of the shampoos)


I bought the conditioner along with the shampoo but did not use for the first time,because my hair was quite smooth and manageable when i used the shampoo alone,so when i oiled my hair the next time i decided to use the conditioner as well.Lets see how this fared for me

The packaging as i said is absolutely gorgeous,but the only difference is that the conditioner comes  with a matte finish instead of a translucent one.The conditioner is quite thick and has a creamy texture to it,the scent is again very soothing and refreshing.I use the the conditioner on the lengths of my hair avoiding the scalp area and concentrating more on the Tips.This washes off very easily and does not leave any residue.I love how my hair becomes very smooth but does not weigh down my hair.It also makes my hair more healthy and shiny as well.Overall i would recommend it to everyone and its very affordable.



  • Makes hair smooth and healthy looking
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Easily available


  • Can weigh down hair if used too much


Have you guys tried the Garnier Ultra Blends Henna and Blackberry nourishing shine shampoo and conditioner ?


  1. The shampoo contains salicylic acid. Does it dry out your hair?

  2. I have bought the same variant & I also have the same opinions n ratings for it..packaging is soo lovely...

  3. Apart from SLS this hair care range sounds totally amazing!


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