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Hope you all are doing great!!!First of all a very happy 2017,hope you all had a blast,i was travelling and had a blast in Goa. I love travelling and iam soon planning to start a separate fashion and travel blog this month,so excited about that,anyhow enough of rambling and lets get started with the review,Today iam going to review one of my favourite products to use,Perfumes.I love Perfumes and my Love for attar based perfumes is dear to me because being born and raised in Dubai that is quite obvious right.So this review is a brand of pocket perfumes called Neesh perfumes,keep on reading to know my thought about the product.

About Neesh :

No one can deny the problem of body odor and a very normal fragrance cannot fight it. And that’s why we come up with the idea of creating distinct Oriental and Floral fragrances that are extremely portable and flexible to be adjusted in pockets.

Keeping in mind the fragrance, creative names are allotted to different smells. Our company is growing by leaps and bounds, both in terms of reputations, volume and shares. Neesh is an expanding brand in online perfumes category with innovative packaging and a branded segment.

Being the first Attar and rose based Perfume brand of India, we cater our services online and offline. Unique packaging, attractive fragrances and loads of varieties, we are committed to create distribution networks in India via popular online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. MRP of Neesh Perfume is Rs. 340.

Variants:  Neesh perfumes comes in 12 variants, designed extensivley for both women and men. All the fragrances have a unique smell that lingers back to the time of Mughal/ Arabic Era which was best known for their  “Attars or Itras  – the oldest and purest form of perfumes! They have kept the naming of each perfume giving a touch of Mughal period and all of them have a distinctive, beautiful urdu name.

Women – Zaafran-E-Hindustan | Sultana | Rose-E-Mohabatt | Oud-De-Venice | Belle-D-Oud | Amour-De-Oud

Men – Oud-E-Khaas | Moha-beau-t | Eau-De-Mehfil | Attar-E-Neesh | Attar-E-Nazakat | Atar-E-Ish

My Experience:

Neesh is a perfume brand designed for both men and women.The packaging is quite unique and colourful and they come in a very sleek and compact packaging and they easily fit it to your pocket hence making it very easy to travel with.The brand sent me two perfumes from the range ie ROSE E MOHABATT and OUD De VENICE(love the names) .These perfumes are basically designed to fit in a regular pocket hence the name pocket perfumes and they are named "pik pak" perfumes which i feel is very thoughtful and unique.They come in color coded outer packaging and the actual perfume is made of plastic which makes it even more travel friendly when you are on the go and there is no possibility of breakage.

Each pack has 20 ml of product and these perfumes contain 10-20 percent of essential oils hence it lasts longer.I just love the royal packaging and it reminds me of my Dubai days.


I tried Oude venice first it has a very floral and spicy scent which smells absolutely amazing.It is a perfect fragrance for lovers for a romantic evening,the scent is not too over powering it has the right mix of floral and spiciness to it.It stayed on me for quite a long time and i loved it,out of the two this has to be my favourite,though i loved both of them.

Top Note: Citrusy,cardamom,cinnamon  

Middle note: Rose,saffron,myrrh

Base note: Musk,amber patchouli


Rose e Mohabatt has a very musky and sensuous fragrance,it oozes confidence and sexuality it has components like honey suckle,rose and lavender,This is a great perfume for night outs and for datenights. Absolutely love this too,cant wait to try out their other variants .

Top Note: Honey suckle,saffron

Middle note: Rose,lavender,myrrh,stryrax

Base note: Musk,amber,Labdanum

Neesh perfumes are made with 52 different kinds of ingredients which are imported from various parts of the world.Overall i love these perfumes ,the last really long,smells amazing and totally in love with the packaging from the color combination to the sturdy and compact packaging,i would recommend all of you t try it out as you will love it!!


*PR sample-review honest and unbiased


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