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Hello beauties,
This is my first post,so forgive me if its not up to the mark.My first post is going to be a review about a shower gel which i have been loving lately from imperial leather.i love shower gels especially which has nice fruity and floral scents.No matter how much i buy, cant get enough of shower gels. so when i saw this shower gel near my local store,thought i will get it and iam happy   that i got it!!!
Price: 239 INR for 500 ml

(Available online as well as across all stores In India)

What the company claims:Our best shower gel yet
Its our special luxury recipe that makes our lather rich,thick and twice as creamy.Enjoy a luxurious imperial leather shower experience-from the first squeeze into your hand,to the way it smooths across your body,to the softness of your moisturized skin afterwards.We think its our best shower gel yet(and we have been making them a long time so we know a thing or two about shower gels!)
Simply l…