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DIY-Home made mask to remove tan and to get a glowing skin!!!

Hello my beauties!!!

Hope you all are having a great day...Today iam back with another post and this time its a DIY homemade mask for removing tan and to get that glow back on your lovely face.Summers can make your skin look tanned,uneven and patchy . Although i love a nice tan on my face and body,because tan is quite sexy and beautiful, it can cause to a lot of damage to your skin if your out in the sun for a long time.Personally i get tanned very easily and my skin starts to look uneven and patchy at times.Though i have tried many other remedies this pack suggested by my lovely mom(moms are the best)has worked wonders for me to help me remove my tan and get a clear glowing skin.

This pack can be used once a week and it actually removes the tan completely if used regularly.

1)Banana Banana offers so many beauty benefits for the skin.It helps to lighten the dark spots,treats acne,anti-aging,oil control and even acts a good moisturizer to keep skin soft and supple

My Luxola Shopping Haul/Review and my experience!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Its been quite sometime that i posted since my last post,i was quite preoccupied with my personal life
so did not get the time to write,but hereafter i will be posting more often.And today iam back with a shopping haul.I was always on the lookout for international brands here in india,but after i moved back to india from dubai,it was quite difficult find international brands in india especially bangalore.
so as i was browsing through the web i stumbled upon this amazing website called LUXOLA.COM(wuhuuu).when i went through their page i was excited to see that most of the brands that i was looking for was available,though there are still other brands that could be added to the website.

So i quickly placed an order for a few items and i received the items within a week which was quite quick considering it's an international shipment.

LUXOLA:Luxola was launched in Singapore in 2011 and has quickly grown into the destination for beauty in Southeast Asia; carrying over…

Maybelline Color sensational Rebel Boutique lipsticks review,swatches..

Hello my angels!!

Hope you all are doing great.Today iam very excited to write this post because iam going to review the most favorite part of my makeup addiction ie LIPSTICKS(Yippee),you guys iam literary addicted and a big time lipstick hoarder of all times.As much as my love for makeup is there,whenever there is a new product launch in the market apart from other makeup products , the first thing i look forward to and the most excited about will be lipsticks.I don't know what it is about lipsticks,it instantly makes me feel happy and glamours(let me know if it makes you guys feel the same).OK enough of rambling about my love for lipsticks,i can just go on and on..

As you all must be knowing by now Maybelline has launched its Spring/summer collection 2015 called ' REBEL BOUQUET',its is called 'REBEL BLOOM' in the US. As i visited my local beauty store(which happens every other day) i saw these new collection and got myself three shades,REB04,
REB10 and REB01. May…