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Neesh perfumes Review!!

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great!!!First of all a very happy 2017,hope you all had a blast,i was travelling and had a blast in Goa. I love travelling and iam soon planning to start a separate fashion and travel blog this month,so excited about that,anyhow enough of rambling and lets get started with the review,Today iam going to review one of my favourite products to use,Perfumes.I love Perfumes and my Love for attar based perfumes is dear to me because being born and raised in Dubai that is quite obvious right.So this review is a brand of pocket perfumes called Neesh perfumes,keep on reading to know my thought about the product.

About Neesh :

No one can deny the problem of body odor and a very normal fragrance cannot fight it. And that’s why we come up with the idea of creating distinct Oriental and Floral fragrances that are extremely portable and flexible to be adjusted in pockets.
Keeping in mind the fragrance, creative names are allotted to different smells. Our company i…