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L’oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream Review!!!

Hello My Beauties,

Hope you all are doing amazingg!!! its been soo long since i last blogged because i was so busy with travelling and then i fell sick and was bedridden for about two weeks,iam still a little unwell but i was missing blogging so much that i finally decided to sit down and write a post for you today's post is going to be a review on L’oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream.

Price: Rs 550 for  30 ml

L`oreal claims:

The 1st BB Cream with 360° skin care for to idealize a natural flawless skin tone and texture, inside out. A BB Skin Care Revolution: Skin’s Smoothness is retexturized,brightness retoned, and perfected from within. Retexturize: Adenosine, dermatologically known anti-ageing active to smooth skin texture. Retone: Vitamin CG evens skin clarity. Brown spots and yellowish skin tone instantly appears to be neutralized. Protect: SPF 35+++ shields skin against environmental assault. My Experience :
The bb cream comes in a beautiful packaging!!!i love…

The Body Shop Camomile silky cleansing oil review

Hey my angels...

Hope you all are doing great,iam so sorry for not posting more often,i was quite busy with my birthday which was on july 1,so iam back again and today iam going to review one of my HG products in the skin care department that is The Body shop Camomile silky cleansing oil.I know,i know iam a body shop hoarder(LOL).I have always loved the body shop products,they are always packaged beautifully and they have amazing scents.


Price:Rs 1095 for 200 ml

Product claims

This silky-soft cleanser will effortlessly remove make-up from the whole face quickly and effectively, leaving skin feeling clean, refreshed and clear of impurities. It’s the ultimate time-saver. Removes make-up  Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Removes waterproof make-up   Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.


My Experience with The Body Shop Camomile silky cleansing oil:
 The Body Shop Camomile silky cleansing oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump dispense,.the pa…