L’oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream Review!!!

Hello My Beauties,

Hope you all are doing amazingg!!! its been soo long since i last blogged because i was so busy with travelling and then i fell sick and was bedridden for about two weeks,iam still a little unwell but i was missing blogging so much that i finally decided to sit down and write a post for you guys.so today's post is going to be a review on L’oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream.

Price: Rs 550 for  30 ml

L`oreal claims:

The 1st BB Cream with 360° skin care for to idealize a natural flawless skin tone and texture, inside out.
A BB Skin Care Revolution: Skin’s Smoothness is retexturized,brightness retoned, and perfected from within.
Retexturize: Adenosine, dermatologically known anti-ageing active to smooth skin texture.
Retone: Vitamin CG evens skin clarity. Brown spots and yellowish skin tone instantly appears to be neutralized.
Protect: SPF 35+++ shields skin against environmental assault.

My Experience :

The bb cream comes in a beautiful packaging!!!i love the beige and gold tube with the metallic cap,its very simple and travel friendly.The texture of this cream is not too thick or very runny,and it blends very easily in to the skin.I like how it brightens up my face and gives a nice glow while almost being matte .I usually set it with a powder and it gives me a good staying power of 4-5 hours.

It comes in three shades:golden,neutral,ivory.it does leave a slight whitish cast when applied  but after blending well its looks very natural.it has spf 35 which is great..i like he glow it gives to my face,it moisturizes and evens out my complexion.

Before blending

Overall i quite like this bb crream,it gives a nice matte finish,gives a slight glow a has SPF 35.
It does leave a whitish cast on the face because of the SPF factor but it does settle down and looks very natural after a while.



  • Gives a nice glow
  • Has a good staying power
  • Good coverage
  • SPF 35
  • moisturizing
  • Beautiful packaging


  • Leaves a whitish cast because of the SPF factor but sinks in to the skin after a while


Have you tried the L'Oreal bb cream??which one is your favorite??


  1. the tube is cute but am not so sure reading that it leaves a white cast behind

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  2. yeah it leaves a white cast initially when you apply it but after a while it looks natural :)

  3. This sounds good but is it suitable for dry skin as well?

    1. yes its a good one:)iam sure it will suit because it is quite moisturizing on the skin

  4. I hate creams which leave whitish cast even if they settle because I have a medium complexion and it looks so weird..

    1. yea even i hate them...but this one settles after ten mins and looks quite natural :)

  5. This sounds like a great product I think I need to try it soon.. and the packaging is really cute :)

  6. sounds good , right now i love ponds bb cream , i will give this one a try hopefully,.

    1. ponds bb cream i have tried it ..do try!!!:)

  7. Nice review Diya!! Its has got SPF 35? Amazing!! But anything that follows a white cast is just something not for me!

  8. Haven't really tried this creme from Loreal, but this was such an elaborate review. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Didn't know this comes with SPF 35. Can skip separate sunscreen on most days with this BB cream.


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