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One of my all time favorite snacks to eat when i was back in Dubai was olives,i love munching on olives every now and then,not only its tastes amazing,it has many health benefits as when it came in the form of a body scrub ,was quite keen to try out this range from THE BODY SHOP.Though i have a lot of body butters and skin care range from the body shop,i have not tried any of their body scrubs.So today iam going to review the olive body scrub from THE BODY SHOP!!!.i have been using this for a month or so now and here my take on the product.

Price-1395 for  300 ml

With community fair trade olive oil.suitable for normal to dry skin.



The scrub comes in a round tub(can be quite unhygienic),but i use a plastic spoon or a wooden spatula to take out the product.the packaging is the usual TBS standard packaging(wish they change their packaging to a tube  form,which would have been easier to use)

The consistency of the scrub is quite thick and it has fine granules that does not feel harsh on the skin at all. A little amount goes a long you need quite  little,i usually  take the amount and scrub it  all over my body and i can feel the dead skins flaking off my skin feels very clean and moisturized.The smell of the scrub is like fresh olives and is quite refreshing.It does not leave the skin dry and washes off quite well.i love to pamper my skin with this scrub twice in a week.yes its quite pricey and leaves a huge hole in your pocket(hehe)but it stays for a long time.i have got the 300 ml one and have been using it for almost a month and iam sure i can use it for another three to four months.

Iam absolutely loving this scrub in my bath and it leaves my skin feeling clean moisturized and smelling great.i would definitely try other body scrubs from the body shop.


  • Leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturized
  • Has a nice refreshing smell to it which is quite mild and i personally like it
  • Scrub is not very harsh on the skin and the granules are very fine
  • Not tested on animals
  • Washes off very easily
  • Leaves the skin quite clean and removes the dead cells
Easily available online as well as in the TBS store across India and abroad


  • Not very hygienic because of the tub packaging(ok if you use a spatula or a spoon)
  • Quite expensive


I will definitely repurchase this and try  other scrubs from the body shop.hope you guys liked my review,

Have you used any of the body shop scrubs?which one is your favorite??


  1. This is good stuff! The scent is crisp, fresh and earthly. The scrub itself is a light green cream with brown scrubby bits in it, I dont know but it may be bits of olive seeds? Lol...Love love love this scrub! I am sensitive to lots of fragrance and this one doesn't offend - it's lightly scented and not over the top perfumey. I use it on my arms and hands in the shower regularly to keep them soft. Price isn't the best, but the product is. This is HG for me!..nice review gal

    1. thank you zaara..This scrub is one of my favorite too....:).and not to forget love the mild scent too :)

  2. I love olives will definitely try it. Nice review. Keep posting:-)

    1. you should definitely try is awsome..

  3. I wish it was not that expensive..:(

    1. yea its quite expensive..but you can use it for a long time :)


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